The effects of the pandemic are still on top of mind for businesses. It's been a testing ground for organisations to understand how they can operate in the future. How can companies leverage innovative technology to make a real difference to their bottom line?

As omni-channel solutions become more common, businesses also need to implement management and security tools that help to ensure a consistent quality of service and a secure experience at every customer touchpoint. The agile cloud platform allows businesses to easily add features, like social, workforce optimisation, enabling leaders to have clear visibility into their contact centre’s ability to achieve critical KPIs. It also empowers remote working to maximise agent productivity while allowing seamless engagements across digital channels.

In this session, customers and experts will share their experiences and expertise on the digital gift that keeps on giving.


  • How the post-pandemic is going to affect customer engagement and experience
  • How companies can leverage innovative technology
  • How to engage your customers across multiple channels
  • How to create a personalised experience, in order to scale and differentiate your business.



Renee Harwood-Souza

Renee Harwood-Souza, Industry Principal, Retail, RingCentral

Renee has an extensive background in Retail and Store Technologies having come from Gap, Levi Strauss and Gymboree so understands the issues faced with distributed computing across the supply chain. Previous experience included venture funding to create Contact Centers in the Social Enterprise arena with Ben & Jerry’s as well as seats on the various boards including National Call Center Conference, Help Desk Institute and ITSMF.

Alan GarrettAlan Garrett, Head of Operations Support, Arco

As the Head of Operations Support for Customer Engagement Centre at Arco, Alan looks after the systems, planning, reporting and customer data teams. Having always had a passion for tech, Alan is inspired by the possibilities of leveraging new and emerging technologies to improve customer experience and drive engagement among colleagues.

Mark-Finnigan---RingCentral-CircleGraham Calder, Independent Consultant

An acknowledged leader in using cutting edge digital technology to deliver business benefit, Graham’s experience includes working for Orange, Sky, Pearson, Ladbrokes Coral Group and Babylon Health, applying his digital skills to deliver meaningful commercial impact to both disruptors and the disrupted delivering ever better outcomes for both the customer and the company.