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Peter Brooks

Peter Brooks

Chief Behavioural Scientist, Barclays
Peter joined Barclays in March 2007, when the bank established the world's first dedicated Behavioural Finance team. He went on to lead the team in 2016, working for the bank's Wealth and Investments division, before taking on a newly-created and expanded role as Chief Behavioural Scientist for Barclays UK in August 2019. Peter looks at how Barclays can practically apply the latest ideas from the ever-growing field of behavioural science, to help improve customers' financial lives. Peter works across Barclays UK to identify behavioural challenges and opportunities - finding ways to improve customers' decisions and money habits, whilst also turning the same lens on our colleagues and processes to see how we can make changes for the better. He uses his expert knowledge of existing behavioural insights and interventions to research, design and run experiments. He holds a doctoral degree in Behavioural and Experimental Economics, awarded by the University of Manchester.