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More than Metrics

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We develop software that helps companies to improve customer experience. Smaply (www.smaply.com) is a web application for teams to digitize, centralize and standardize their customer experience insights. It makes it easy to collaborate on journey maps, personas and stakeholder maps, collect feedback from others, and create professional exports. ExperienceFellow (www.experiencefellow.com) enables to research customer experience in real-time and across channels. The solution combines a mobile app for customers to report with web-based software for the company to analyze experiences. mr. THINKR (www.mrthinkr.com) is an online shop for hands-on workshop material like large pen-and-paper templates for workshops or shop essential gimmicks for the ambitious customer experience experts. Founded by the authors of the business bestseller `This is Service Design Thinking`, More than Metrics applies co-creative methods to develop its tools in close collaboration with its users.


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