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The customer is the heart of each and every business and organization worldwide, and high customer satisfaction is the make-or-break factor in the survival of most organizations. In the digital age, when people use instant messaging for all endeavors, providing a great customer experience is no longer `nice to have`. Standard digital service is simply not enough anymore. It`s impersonal, takes too long, fails to provide the right answers, and often includes poorly designed interfaces. Your customers are entitled to more. According to Gartner, using a chatbot boosts in customer satisfaction, and eliminates 70% of phone call, email and chat service requests by customers. Membit offers a holistic solution for customer support and process automation, creating an exceptional customer experience. It harmonizes a variety of communication channels, AI and ML technology, chatbots and live customer service systems, synthesizing them into a superior customer experience. With ultra-fast time to market and super easy implementation, Membit boosts customer satisfaction and increases revenues. Membit chat and voice bots interface with wide variety of inputs from user channels - mobile, desktop, Social media and telephone. It processes the information and provides accurate, effective responses. It then uses its hybrid intelligence to decide whether the conversation would benefit from human interaction, in which case the conversation is automatically escalated it to a human agent, seamlessly and with no interruptions. Membit platform can be integrated to all common and customized backoffice systems and on the other hand has integrated already with various Livechat systems such as Liveperson, Cisco live agent, Freshchat, Salesforce live agent etc.


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