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Stand: CUX-X62
e-bot7 the AI/NLP provider of choice for your communications e-bot7 remains the only plug and play solution in this field that offers a hybrid Agent+AI approach, a Contextual Dialog Editor to easily set up and to automate complex Customer Service queries as well as an AI Service Funnel to drastically reduce 1st and 2nd Level Support inquiries. Since the foundation of our company we have built our technology closely tailored to the needs of our customers to enable a quick and seamless integration without the client needing to hire developers and data scientists. This enables our clients to immediately start using the technology and avoids a large overhead on their end. We bring practical applications of Deep Learning and AI to customer service and help companies achieve greater customer service efficiency. The system analyses inbound messages, sends them to the right department, and provides agents with accurate response suggestions. This reduces average handling time up to 80% and automates responses and processes. The e-bot7 system is based on complex NLP algorithms (Convolutional Neural Networks, LSTMs), which are pre-trained on historical customer service scripts. The NLP is constantly optimised during the operational use so that more and more inquiries can be processed more efficiently. We want to improve customer experience by making it more rewarding and successful while strengthening employee involvement by allowing them to focus on complex tasks with higher added value for themselves and the company. We have been on the market with a functional product for over three years, with over 40 enterprise clients such as 02, Siemens, Audi etc. We have developed our technology to be vertical agnostic. By being open to a wider range of industries, we are able to continue ensuring the robustness of our technology as well as providing value to firms in each of these different areas. Our solution also works across different use cases.


United Kingdom
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