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CXONCLOUD is an all-in-one engine to create, manage & measure unlimited bookings, unlimited feedback, loyalty, rewards, promotions, referrals, marketing & email automation. Works standalone or integrated to address specific CX gaps of any customer journeys. SIMPLIFY CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT Manage your bookings within CXONCLOUD. Click to confirm, cancel & reschedule bookings. CXONCLOUD will instantly & automatically send out relevant communications. COLLECT & RESPOND TO FEEDBACK IN REAL TIME Collect ratings in-store/online from customers.CXONCLOUD will automatically trigger instant sorry/thank you emails based on the feedback score received. MANAGE CUSTOMER LOYALTY & REWARDS Know your business promoters, demoters & passives from CXONCLOUD. Engage your loyal customers to connect with you on social media. Reward them for their loyalty. ENCOURAGE CUSTOMER ADVOCACY Customer advocacy is an important aspect of CXM. Send out the right announcements to the right audience proactively to delight your customers like never before. PROMOTE WORD OF MOUTH MARKETING When you have collected the feedback to know your loyal customers, entice them to repeat & refer business with CXONCLOUD`s inbuilt referral marketing.


United Kingdom
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