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Stand: CUX-W80

The Future of B2C loyalty programs in retail and eCommerce CRM

Meet CDP&CRM CareCloud forged to fit the needs of the retail and eCommerce B2C segment. Omnichannel CareCloud CRM allows you to gain a genuine 360-degree customer view and utilize the acquired knowledge in a flexible loyalty engine as well as in a marketing automation application.

Create a highly customized, point-based loyalty scheme or define specific membership levels in the loyalty engine and let CareCloud take care of the rest. Flat discounts or time-limited campaigns are super-effective in CDP&CRM CareCloud thanks to the smart segmentation based on 360-degree customer data.

Our consultants will demonstrate the possibilities of the flexible loyalty engine at stand CUX-W80. The CareCloud API provides high versatility that allows you to connect a cash register in brick-and-mortar stores and e-shop, mobile app, or kiosk checkout to the centralized administration. Discount or voucher application takes only milliseconds, regardless of whether the customer is staying at the counter or checking out in the e-shop.

Smart segmentation and marketing automation allow brick-and-mortar store staff to provide personalized offers in real-time. The same applies to cross-sell and upsell features in the e-shop. Visit stand CUX-W80 to hear a success story of such implementation.


U Elektry 974/1c
Czech Republic
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