Customer & User Experience Expo 2021 Programme

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Look after your customer and your customer will look after you. Client retention through exceptional customer service.

16 Nov 2021
Customer and User Experience

With all the competition out there for all industries, the customer has the luxury of going to whoever they choose and whilst getting customers can be hard, keeping hold of them once you've got them can be even harder.   Yet in a lot of cases, it's a fact which is very much overlooked.

After 30 years in business, running 3 companies, and going through 3 recessions with those 3 companies without losing a single customer in all that time, I am delighted to be sharing my tips and secrets at this years Expo.

I'll show you how to 'read' your customers , find out what they really want without them having to tell you, show you that it's never about money and how much your service or product is going to cost the customer, it's about getting value for that money and how you can be losing money by discounting instead of adding value.  It's not all about sales, it's about 'returning' sales, up-selling and keeping that customer from walking away and I'm delighted to be showing you just how to do it through exceptional customer service.

Andrea Parle, Managing Director - TVR Media Ltd