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18 & 19 MARCH 2020



Semafone helps call centres take payments securely over the telephone. Cardprotect from Semafone allows a call - and the call recording - to continue as normal whilst the customer enters their payment card details into their telephone keypad. Semafone`s patented payment method masks the DTMF tones from the cardholder`s telephone and replaces them with a flat tone so they can`t be recognised by the agent or recorded on the call recording system. This prevents personal data from entering the contact centre, protecting against the risk of fraud and the associated reputational damage; ensuring compliance with industry regulations and significantly reducing PCI DSS scope. Cardprotect is used by more than 100 organisations in 25 countries on five continents. Semafone has achieved the four leading security and payment certifications: ISO 27001:2013, PA-DSS certification for Cardprotect, PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider and is a registered Visa Level 1 Merchant Agent.

Tel: 0845 5430 822

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